Geisha ball : Perin’s

Geisha ball : Perin’s


Perin’s  is a geisha ball .

The Périn’ is both a vaginal stimulator and an aid in the rehabilitation of your perineum.

Thin and comfortable stock, does not cause discomfort when moving or sitting.

The 40mm diameter bulb contains a free ball to stimulate your movements.

Silent and light, it accompanies you in your activities for a feeling of pleasure.

The bulb is held at the level of your perineal muscles throughout your movements.


Sex advice:

As part of rehabilitation, it is recommended to wear our perineum for 1 to 2 hours per day to regain vaginal tone and reduce urinary leakage.


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Use Périn’ as part of perineal rehabilitation:
The perineum is used for the rehabilitation of the perineum, introduce the sphere with the handle towards the top of your clitoris, use a
lubricant for easier introduction.
It is advisable to wear the perin’ when traveling (walking, jogging, cleaning, etc.) also for a seated position with
Contraction exercises for your perineum once a minute with two or three contractions. Observe a period of rest and
start the exercise again.
The maximum duration for wearing a perin’ is 4 hours per day.
In a rehabilitation program it is recommended to use a sex toy from the orchid range 3 times a week, (the contraction
due to orgasms helps to re-muscle the perineum naturally)



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