Objective: Discovery and emulation of the G-spot

The Orchid Skin is an excellent G-spot stimulator. Its 2-finger grip provides stability to the olisbos, and allows you to savor all variations of pleasure.

With him, be free to enjoy the position that suits you. It’s up to you to use your delicious frivolity as you wish. This drop of sensuality is one of the first sex toys created by Idée du desire.

It has a total length of 6,7 in , for a maximum width of 1,6 in. Although generous, the Orchid Skin is an intuitive female toy. Its bulb is designed to position itself naturally on your point G. This dildo alone offers you the possibility of perfecting your intimate knowledge. Together, guide your partner to make him discover your carnal secrets.

You can choose from birch, walnut, olive, cherry, or opt for the combination of two woods in the Harlequin version for a more colorful Orchid Skin.