orchidée twins

orchidée twins


This intimate toy can be made from cherry wood.

The skin twins, it promises sensually singular moments.

Total length 7 in

The head is 1,4 in

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Objective: G-spot stimulation, clitoral arousal, dildo for men.

This intimate toy is made of walnut and cherry wood. A companion to your languid pleasures, it promises sensually singular moments.

The softness and warmth of the woods used to create Orchid Twins provides control in sensitive areas.
Its two reasonably sized bulbs provide intense or more refined sensations, handle your Orchid Twins as you feel.

Whether it is its ergonomic handle, its size, the shape of its head, this dildo hugs the most pleasant corners of the anatomy. Use it to stimulate your vaginal walls, your G-spot, or to succumb to anal delight and the discovery of prostate pleasure. This top-of-the-range sex toy offers you both firmness and softness.

Whether it is to savor ecstasy alone or in a duo, it guarantees extraordinary epicurean moments.

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Dimensions 210 in


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