wooden dildo Xtreme G

wooden dildo Xtreme G


This intimate toy can be made from cherry wood.

The Xtreme, it promises sensually singular moments.

Place the sculpture on your G-spot to discover a delicious yoni massage.

Total length 7 in

The head is 1,6 in

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Objective: G-spot stimulation !

New for 2023, the Xtreme orchid range is designed to target G-spot pleasure.

The Xtreme G model, with its cup, will massage your G-spot with a slight suction to take you into delicious pleasure.

The hollows make it possible to stimulate the clitoris for an intense preliminary, it is stimulating both on the internal stimulation which makes it possible to suit all expectations.

The hollows actually make it possible to keep the lubrication over a long period of time, which makes the pleasure last.

The shape of the bulb allows it to have a soft and languorous relationship with the patterns of the structure which allows a pleasant and intense penetration.

Additional information

Dimensions 210 in


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