• Twist is a double bulb with undulation to increase the massage on the G-spot and prostate.

    Made of Cheery wood, covered with our waterproof and hypoallergenic finih, easy to maintain. The size is in two diameters, 1 in / 1,4 in The total length 8,5 in  
  • Strapless Inmye

      Inmye is a toy designed for duets, couple sex, pegging, it is the lightest on the market.

    Its insertable bulb equipped with our  mobile ball system, ensures more internal sensations for the carrier.

    Carefully designed to stand alone, a strapless (supplied) provides additional support if needed, making the Inmye a real strapless.

    -Weight: 190 grs -Diameter of the bulb: 1,8 inch  - Insertable length: 6 inch  - Insertable diameter 1,6/ 2 inch  (possibility of modifying the dildo party in diameter 1,2 inch, specify it in your order)

    wood: Cherry wood

  • Stimulation of the G zone and deep point

    Orchid n ° 5 Max is the largest model of our orchids with more waves and a diameter of 2 inch

    it will satisfy your most greedy desires Penetration length 5,5 inch  for a diameter of 2 inch  7 bulbs lengthwise

    Total length 8,3 inch

     Wood: Cherry wood

  • Onyx

    Prostate stimulator in maple wood, hypoallergenic black lacquer insertable length 2.8 inch / diameter 0.8 inch Two variants: natural maple / black lacquer
  • Eros is a remarkably aesthetic olisbos in white cherry covered with a pearly finish.

    Total length 8 inch

    Progressive bulb of 1,2 - 1,5 - 1,9 inch

    Possibility of custom-made models.

  • Wanderlust -A rosary toy for anal pleasure - Can be used as a couple -Prostatic pleasure and also G-spot massage -Wood: Wild pear, a heavy and dense wood with fine grain.   Bulb diameter 1,2 / 1,4 / 1,4 / 1,2 Ball diameter 1,6 inch total length 9,8 inch
  • Dildo Olisbos


    Custom sculpture model shown: Height 7 inch / variable diameter 1.6 maximum

    Your choice of size is possible, contact for more

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