In the soul of our creations, non-vibrating objects, designed to stimulate the clitoris, the vulva, the G-spot …

Whether for solitary pleasure, in search of body orgasm, but also as a couple, our creations will make you discover a multitude of new games to listen to your senses …

A G-spot dildo for the Orchid, a Désir Papillon geisha ball, all our creations are the result of close collaboration with sexologists who tell us how best to stimulate and promote female pleasure.

  • Orchidée structurée

    Objective: vaginal orgasm, stimulation of the G-spot. The name of the orchid, inspired by the disturbing and erotic beauty of this flower, is therefore an ode to femininity. The perfect aesthetics of this pretty object are coupled with a formidable efficiency: Take it by its ring with two fingers and stroke the sensitive areas of your body, the pleasure will soon rise and take you away, massaging the G zone, to reveal deep and unique pleasures. Superb decorative creation, with malicious virtues, which can remain within reach of your eyes, your hands, your desires ...
  • "Désir papillon" is a triple stimulator, it is a sextoy whose vaginal bulb measures 1,6 in diameter, inside it hides a steel ball to give the sensations of a geisha ball. This variation with the structured clitoral butt adapts to all body types, one size. Finishing of the external part with gold powder. Model with clitoral stimulation and ripple!
  • This intimate toy can be made from walnut or cherry. A companion to your languid pleasures, it promises sensually singular moments. Total length 7 in The head is 1,4 in
  • Désir papillon is a geisha ball but also a triple stimulator.

    It is a sextoy whose vaginal bulb measures 1.6 in diameter, inside it hides a steel ball to give the sensation of a geisha ball. The butterfly desire is in one size, studies on a panel of 200 women have made it possible to develop a model that adapts to all body types. Model with clitoral stimulation without relief!  
  • First desire will make you discover multiple sensations. Its length allows those who want deep sensations to be delighted. Premier Desire can be used on the tapered side or on the wider side depending on the desire and sensibilities of each. Its diameter also allows the stimulation of the entrance to the vagina ... of which the lower third is the most erogenous. Its curvature allows stimulation of the G point in particular thanks to its spiral.
  • Sésame desire

    Set of three maple sextoys with 6 different diameters Presented on an elegant wooden stand. Possible choice by unit: small, medium, large Carved in maple wood.
  • Combining the pleasure of external and internal stimulation was at the origin of the creation of the Sabot de Vénus model. In Cherry or Walnut wood, total length 8,3 in, diameter of the structured orchid bulb 1,6 in.
  • Orchidée Skin


    You can choose from cherry wood, walnut, olive, or opt for the combination of two woods in the Harlequin version for a more colorful Orchid Skin.

  • Objective: Pleasure in vaginal penetration and G-spot stimulation L’Orchidée 1001 Nuits is available in three shades: Walnut, Cherry wood, Maple.

    gold powder finish Total length of 7, the head is 1,2 diameter

  • The revisited Adam is available in Maple or Walnut, the same dimensions but a more refined profile of the head allows you to move back and forth. The insertable part measures 6,3 in it will make you discover the stimulation of the deep point.

  • This intimate toy can be made from walnut or cherry. The skin twins, it promises sensually singular moments. Total length 7 in The head is 1,4 in
  • Orchidée n°5

    Objective: G-spot and deep pleasure Orchid n° 5 is the result of our years of experience in the search for vaginal pleasure, these multiple tangled bulbs gives exceptional pleasure during penetration. Longer than our previous versions of the Orchid model, it also allows you to achieve deep pleasure.   Penetration length 4,7 in for a diameter of 1,6 in Total length 7,5 in Available woods: Cherry wood and Walnut


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