Orchidée Structured

Orchidée Structured


Objective: vaginal orgasm,
stimulation of the G-spot.

The name of the orchid, inspired by the disturbing and erotic beauty of this flower, is therefore an ode to femininity.
The perfect aesthetics of this pretty object are coupled with a formidable efficiency:
Take it by its ring with two fingers and stroke the sensitive areas of your body, the pleasure will soon rise and take you away, massaging the G zone, to reveal deep and unique pleasures.

Superb decorative creation, with malicious virtues, which can remain within reach of your eyes, your hands, your desires …

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The pleasure of G-spot stimulation for women. Very appreciated by users of the Orchid ...
Anatomically speaking, the curvature of the shaft is studied here to place itself naturally, 
the undulations providing stimulation inside the vagina and the vulva.

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Dimensions 210 in


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