Vagina plug

  • "Désir papillon" is a triple stimulator, it is a sextoy whose vaginal bulb measures 1,6 in diameter, inside it hides a steel ball to give the sensations of a geisha ball. This variation with the structured clitoral butt adapts to all body types, one size. Finishing of the external part with gold powder. Model with clitoral stimulation and ripple!
  • Désir papillon is a geisha ball but also a triple stimulator.

    It is a sextoy whose vaginal bulb measures 1.6 in diameter, inside it hides a steel ball to give the sensation of a geisha ball. The butterfly desire is in one size, studies on a panel of 200 women have made it possible to develop a model that adapts to all body types. Model with clitoral stimulation without relief!  
  • Nunky is a vaginal plug designed for simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris. Sold in two parts: the Nunky 1,6 in bulb + magnetic supports.

  • Perin's  is a geisha ball .

    The Périn’ is both a vaginal stimulator and an aid in the rehabilitation of your perineum. Thin and comfortable stock, does not cause discomfort when moving or sitting. The 40mm diameter bulb contains a free ball to stimulate your movements. Silent and light, it accompanies you in your activities for a feeling of pleasure. The bulb is held at the level of your perineal muscles throughout your movements.   Sex advice: As part of rehabilitation, it is recommended to wear our perineum for 1 to 2 hours per day to regain vaginal tone and reduce urinary leakage.  
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